10 Expert Tips To Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Vanity For Your Home

The bathrooms in our homes see the most traffic and that’s why we shouldn’t understate the importance of this room in our homes.

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Fortunately having the right bathroom vanity as a centerpiece can make all the difference in this often overlooked room.

So how do you choose a bathroom vanity that not only looks good but checks off everything from your list of needs?

How do you decide if you want to create your own style or follow the latest bathroom decor trends?

These tips from Crystal at Kitchen & Bath World will help you make a smart economical choice for your dream Bathroom Vanity Centerpiece.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

1. Figure out Your Budget

Before your start working on your bathroom, decide how much money you can spend on a bathroom vanity. There are a lot of variations in the market ranging from simple styles that are affordable to the luxurious ones with splendid details. Go for the one that suits your budget.

2. Keep in Mind Your Bathroom Needs

The bathroom vanity you choose should take into account the people who are using it and the type of things they will be using it for. If you have to share the bathroom in the morning with a lot of people, you may need a vanity with two sinks. If you need more storage, you might want a vanity with more cabinets and drawers.

3. Measure the Space Accurately

Bathroom vanities come in many different sizes but all of them will not fit in your space. Measure the dimension of your bathroom before making any final decision. Think about all the obstacles, the doors, and the walls and make sure there’s enough room to move comfortably.

4. Find Out Your Plumbing

Plumbing will most likely to be the part of your bathroom that dictates the place of your vanity. If you decide to go with the existing plumbing set up, it will help you to narrow down your vanity styles.

5. Decide How Much Storage You Want

Lack of storage is the common complaint that people have about their old bathrooms. Make sure you don’t forget your storage needs while shopping for your new vanity. Don’t buy the one that is too large for the space but also ensure you have enough space to store your products.

6. Determine the Style of Sink

There are many options available when it comes to choosing the sink style. Focus on the style of your home and the look of your bathroom for deciding the best sink style.

7. Remember the Faucet

The faucet is as important as the rest of your vanity so it also requires careful planning. Some vanities do not come with a faucet. So, don’t make a mistake of ordering wrong faucet type that does not fit on your vanity.

8. Prioritize Easy Cleaning

Always keep easy cleaning at the top of the list while choosing a bathroom vanity. Some vanities are known for being harder to clean because they have a lot of nooks and corners. Select the one that you can clean easily on regular basis.

9. Don’t Neglect the Mirror

Selecting the right mirror for your bathroom vanity can enhance the overall feel of the space. A good mirror style can be the right accent to complete the look of bathroom.

10. Look for Great Deals

Now that you have done all the research and have a much better idea about the different vanity styles book your no cost appointment with Crystal and make your dream a reality!

Choose the perfect Bathroom Vanity Size for your home 

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